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  • This thorough survey emphasizes the state's 20th century urbanization, environmental issues, multi-culturalism and boosterism.

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  • This fourth grade Colorado History text book is part of a packet that includes 1) An Audio Book 2) Digital Resources 3) an English Language Learning Book 4) A Student Guide and 5) A Teacher Guide. Used as of 2013 in Cherry Creek , Poudre, St. Vrain, and Jefferson County, to name a few districts.

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  • Over two thirds of this tome focus on the 20th‑century city, including pathbreaking chapters on automobility, aviation, women, ethnic groups, use of leisure time, and Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder and Jefferson Counties. This one briefly hit the local best‑seller lists (peaking at #4) and was a slightly revised, corrected paperback edition was published in September, 1991. This book was sent to the American Society of State & Local History which awarded Tom Noel one of the 21 AWARDS OF MERIT given nationally in 1991. 

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  • This was an invited book, funded by a $50,000 grant from the Adolph Coors Foundation. Its sales peaked in the summer of 1987 at #4 on the local best‑seller list

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  • This coffee table treasure sold 16,000 copies and won prizes from the Denver Partnership, the Univ. of Colorado and the Colorado Authors League.

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Tom "Dr. Colorado" Noel wrote a frequent column for Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, enlightening readers on Colorado's past, present, and future.