CU Denver Classes

Spring 2020

Colorado Mining & Railroads (HIST 4228/5228)

Six Saturdays 9:00am - 4:00pm 

Feb 1 & 8, April 4 & 11, May 18 & 25

Fall 2020

Colorado Historic Places (HIST 4229/5229) 

Six Saturdays 9:00 am - 4:00pm

 August 22 & 29; September 12,19, & 26; November 21

Student Resources



This $2,000 prize is given each spring to the CU-Denver history student who has done the most to promote history among the public through educational activities, historic preservation, publications, tours, talks, and other efforts to foster a sense of place and appreciation of the past as a guide to the future.  All CU-Denver history students - undergraduate, graduate, and graduated - are invited to apply for this $2,000 prize given each spring by Tom & Judy Ward to recognize outstanding work in public history.  

Please nominate yourself with the following items which should be sent to Ward Prize Coordinator, Prof. Tom Noel, Campus Box 182, 855 Lawrence St. Room 546, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364.  You may also slip your application under the door at King Center, Room 546.

  • A two-page letter addressed to Ward Family Prize in Public History Committee explaining your interest in and achievements in Public History.
  • Your resume (curriculum vitae)

Thanks for applying.  The deadline for getting a hard copy nomination to Prof. Noel is March 17 annually.  


Don Koch, a Colorado historian and author, established the Donald Warner Koch History Fund, which endows fellowships for Cu-Denver graduate students and highly qualified undergraduates enrolled in history programs.  Fellows gain training and experience in archival management, collections management, education, historic preservation, librarianship, museology, public history and publications.  Don was educated at Brandeis, Princeton and CU-Denver.  He published the The Colorado Pass Book and An Endless Vista: Colorado Recreational Lands. Don also worked for various government agencies and and published numerous articles and documents on land use, environmental matters and economic development.  An avid outdoorsman and sailor, he was working on a guide to Colorado water sports when he died in 2000.  As part of his legacy, he left these fellowships to encourage future Colorado historians.  

Koch/CU-Denver History Fellowships at the History Colorado Center pay the student fellow $5,000 a year to spend an average of 8 hours a week at History Colorado under the direction of William J. Convery, State Historian.  To apply, submit by Mach 17 annually:

  • Letter of application addressed to the Koch Fellowship Committee discussing your interest in Colorado history and how this fellowship will advance your education.
  • Your resume and two references
  • Your transcripts
  • A writing sample of 3-4 pages

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate history degree program.  Past winners of the Koch fellowship are all eligible.  An interview is required.

Submit applications and inquiries to CU-Denver Koch Fellow Coordinator Prof. Tom Noel, 303-556-2044 or  King Center 546, Campus Box 182, P.O. Box 182, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364.  We welcome your application, which must be in hard copy.


David Tryba, a CU-Denver graduate in architecture and noted Denver architect and preservationist, offers the $1,000 Tryba Prize for Historic Preservation to a CU-Denver student or graduate doing outstanding work in historic preservation.

To apply, write a one-page letter explaining your work in historic preservation addressed to Mr. David Tryba.  Send it and a resume to Prof. Tom Noel,

History Dept. CU-Denver, Tryba Prize administrator,Campus Box 182, 855 Lawrence St. Room 546, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364.  You may also slip your application under Prof. Noel's door at King Center, Room 546.

Thanks for applying.  The deadline for applications is March 17 annually. 


All graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in the CU-Denver History Department with a focus on Colorado Studies are encouraged to apply for this $5,500 scholarship, awarded annually.  The scholarship is made possible by Tom and Judy Ward, and is named for Viola Vestal Coulter, wife of Jesse Coulter, who was manager of the Climax Molybdenum mine.  The application deadline for Coulter Colorado History Scholarships is March 17th annually. 


The Center for Colorado Studies specializes in commissioned histories by highly qualified CU-Denver grad students.  This helps our students fund their ever more expensive education with a publication that both the student and the client can be proud of.  Take advantage of the opportunity to tell the story of families, residences, neighborhoods, churches, businesses or any other topic.  For a modest fee, paid directly to an up and coming graduate student, you will receive a professional, illustrated book, booklet, CD, or any other desired format. Click here for examples. Please see:

Kathleen Barlow's The Equitable: Denver's Grand Old Office Building, Spirits and Scandals at 17th and Stout Streets.

Biographical Profiles of Colorado First Ladies and of philanthropist Robert Frank Sweeney.

Colorado Hispanic Studies Resource Guide, by Dana EchoHawk

Colorado Mining History Resource Guide, by Dana EchoHawk

Colorado Native American Studies Resource Guide by Pam Milavec

Colorado County Newspaper Histories by Craig Leavitt

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